MEASURING CUP 800ML/PP #2068 (HFH8045)
HFH   HFH8045

MEASURING CUP 800ML/PP #2068 (HFH8045)

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Elevate your culinary precision with the MEASURING CUP 800ML, an essential kitchen tool designed to make accurate measuring a breeze.

Whether you're baking, cooking, or mixing beverages, this measuring cup provides precise measurements in milliliters, making it an invaluable tool for following recipes with accuracy.

With an 800ml capacity, this cup can handle a wide range of ingredients, from liquids like milk and oil to dry ingredients like flour and sugar, all in a single vessel.

Crafted from High-Quality polypropylene material, this measuring cup is built to last. It's resistant to stains, odors, and warping, ensuring it remains a reliable kitchen companion.

The large, easy-to-read markings on the side of the cup ensure that you can measure with precision, even when dealing with varying ingredient volumes. The spout also makes pouring liquids mess-free, preventing spills and ensuring that your ingredients go where you want them, not all over the counter.

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