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All Images are for Illustration Purpose Only.??Items sold in assorted Colours may vary from the picture shown.

Non-Toxic PP Material
Harmless, hygienic and odourless
Thick wall quality durable withstand
Built to last
Easy clean surface to save time
Suitable for School, Home and Office use
Space saving

Make laundry fun and easy again. Featuring our sturdy and spacious laundry basket for soiled clothing - great for home organisation as it keeps your dirty clothes separate from the rest of your belongings. It's the perfect home organisation accessory, use for bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen. Made from our virgin PP Plastic our customers have come to know and love for over 30 years and counting - it makes for a great addition to any home.

Our laundry baskets are lightweight yet sturdy. Built with breathability in mind - no stink with our ventilated baskets even if your clothes have collected from the morning. Pro tip - use a mesh bag to separate your delicates. This protects them from getting damaged or tangled with other clothing.

Unlike wood or metal baskets, plastic baskets are not only waterproof, it is also termite resistant, rust-proof and more durable. It can store and preserve your items from the most common damages better and longer.

Affordable, inexpensive essentials for any family! If you do not have any Toyogo items in your home yet, it is time for you to browse through our wide range of products and give it a try. There will definitely be a design and color in our product range that will fit perfectly into your space and home concept.

Terms & Conditions

Goods sold are strictly non-refundable. Product colour may vary by country & are subjected to stock availability. All specifications (incl. dimensions) and descriptions provided herein may differ from the actual. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by negligence upon receiving the product(s). Any exchange request made three days after delivery will be rejected. We do not provide door-to-door exchange services for damages or missing parts.

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