Our Founder's Story

Amidst Singapore's turbulent journey towards independence, Mr. K. T. Chua courageously carved out a living by tirelessly selling brooms. His days were spent traversing the bustling streets, earnestly persuading passersby to embrace the utility and charm of his humble wares.

During his broom-selling endeavours, a serendipitous encounter forever altered Mr. Chua's destiny. He formed a remarkable bond with his supplier, a skilled broommaker named Madam Teo Chiew Kim. Their shared dedication to hard work and the blossoming of a profound friendship soon kindled the flames of a deeper connection. Love, intertwined with an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, united them in matrimony.

United by their shared dreams and unwavering resolve, the Founder, Mr. Chua, and Co-founder, Madam Teo, embarked on a transformative journey. They fearlessly established an import and export company, channelling their unwavering passion into building a brighter future.

During the 1980s, as Singapore and Malaysia experienced rapid growth and development, the household demand for plastic products surged. However, the prevailing options failed to meet the discerning needs of consumers, leaving them dissatisfied. Yet, within these challenges, Mr. Chua, the visionary, discerned a concealed opportunity.

Driven by his extensive travels and interactions with international suppliers and partners, Mr. Chua's keen eye beheld the exceptional quality of Japanese products. This revelation ignited a remarkable idea within him—a desire to create a local brand that would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these ideals of excellence.

Thus, the birth of TOYOGO came to fruition—a brand founded upon the spark of inspiration that Mr. Chua nurtured. Determined to revolutionise the plastic goods industry, the Founder embarked on a difficult journey.

Their path to success was full of challenges. In those early days, the company lacked specialised equipment and technology. Many processes were done manually, resulting in significant manpower and operational costs. However, they persevered through adversity, often enduring relentless hours behind the wheel, travelling long distances to meet business partners, forge unbreakable bonds, and discover new solutions to better the manufacturing process. Many people doubted their ability to succeed, but Mr. Chua and Madam Teo's unwavering resolve and refusal to give up drove them forward.
Through unwavering dedication, the Founder, Mr. Chua, and Co-founder, Madam Teo, triumphed over these adversities, establishing TOYOGO as an embodiment of uncompromising quality and reliability.

Today, proudly standing tall as one of the foremost market leaders in plastic goods for household and industrial use, TOYOGO is a testament to the power of determination, love, and resilience. Headquartered in Singapore, the company boasts a team of 300 dedicated individuals. Their production and logistics plants, nestled within Malaysia's Johor Bahru, occupy an impressive expanse spanning over a million square feet—equivalent to approximately 20 football fields.

TOYOGO's innovative products have transcended borders, gracing the homes and businesses of over 30 countries worldwide. The breadth and diversity of their product range are nothing short of astonishing, with more than 3,000 different items available to discerning customers.

The story of TOYOGO is more than a mere chronicle of entrepreneurial success; it is a poignant testament to the unwavering spirit of its Founder, Mr. Chua, and Co-founder, Madam Teo. Their unwavering belief in their vision and steadfast commitment to excellence transformed humble beginnings into an empire that continues to shape the lives of individuals worldwide.

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Our Founder's Story
Our Founder's Story
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